Waiting Near to 76 Years


2020 is near to close and another year of waiting is about to arrive.


As of today for my own family and all those who survived the Occupation

of Jersey / Channel Islands still not a true Memorial to the Civilians.


Occupation Civilians can not be remembered by date in May or 

Liberation Sculpture as many had to come terms with what had been through

after Liberation.

True Journey of Occupation Civilians like my own family comes to present

times and not any cut off at 1945.


Liberation marked the establishment again of the Bailiwicks of Channel Islands 

and physical end of Occupation.

For those like my family and the Many. The Journey Continued to the present times.

Many after Liberation did not come terms with what been through.

Truth is they are not really going to.


My family and the many - have been waiting near 76 years with the arrival of 2021!


These people are, for the most part, unknown or forgotten. They, also, deserve to be remembered.



Over Time something was done.


Warmest Kev South.

Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign