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Welcome to Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign

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Welcome. The Campaign Goal is to establish a New Joint Jersey/ Channel Islands and United Kingdom Civilian Occupation Memorial for those that did fall under Occupation within British Isles during WW 2 - Channel Islands


April 10th 2018

Campaign Aims

To deliver a Representation or Memorial for all those who went  through the Occupation of Jersey 1940 - 1945 Those who stayed - Those who had to - Those who could not leave and those forced to Stay.

For those who needed to Leave.

Campaign is for all nationals.

We don't see any difference with those who stayed or left.

November 2019

About the Campaign

Campaign was born on April 10th 2018 with a News broadcast by ITV CHANNEL.

Since then the Campaign has expanded with over 3,000 Supporters and a National Petition

We have been on BBC Radio Jersey.

Article in the Baliliwick Express.

Five Campaign Ads In Jersey Evening Post & Report in Jersey JEP.

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July 2020

Make it Happen & Donate

Jersey Occupation Campaign WW2 Ensure all Civilians who stayed through the Occupation of Jersey and went through a terrible plight get a Representation they truly deserve. Donate via our Secure Crowdfunding.

We are 68% towards our funding Target.

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