Public Silence Campaign

The Statement Regarding a Public Silence for May 9th 2021

Liberation Day 76. 76 Seconds and for every year of Freedom from Liberation in 1945. To Remember all Occupation Civilians of Channel Islands - those we sadly Lost, those that needed to Leave and those who Stayed. 

By Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign Lead - Kev South

Statement Regarding Public Silence on May 9th 2021

February 11th 2021.

We are Campaigning for a Public Silence to take place on May 9th 2021to mark

Liberation 76 and easy for the public to take part with as can be done on everyone's doorstep.

Public Silence is to remember all the Occupation Civilians and all that they went through during the Occupation of Channel Islands during WW2 .

Jersey Bailiffs Chamber tends to lead on Liberation Day Events.


We have had various communications with Jersey Bailiffs Chamber regarding Public Silence 

and been told to see if a Public Silence appears in the Official Events Programme .

This time last year, on January 9th 2020 the events were already announced via media and

information released .


As of today Bailiffs Chamber has ceased communicating about a Public Silence, by nature of such an event decision has to be taken early by Bailiffs chamber. 


Official Events Programme can appear in printed form only days before - So unclear

when any announcement for Public Silence will be announced - or if not going to officially happen. 


From my Personnel focus coming from a Occupation Family - I would describe process as 

very poor and all Occupation Civilians deserve better. Absolutely .