Campaign Lead Statement August 2020


My family went through the Occupation of Jersey as did many.

It's inspiring to read what people say about the campaign and support

that we receive.

Going to be a surprise to some, but I don't consider that our campaign

has even started yet.

To myself it's complete common sense that all the occupation civilians

of Channel Islands have recognition for pure hardship and courage

and the horror of the Occupation period. 1940 - 1945

Should be a Official Memorial to all those who went under Occupation within our British Isles.

Interesting that Jersey politicians of Jersey, only seem able, or want

to focus on the nice part of Liberation the date. and the square,

and People's reasoning for the campaign goals.

Today we do not have any official Civilian Occupation Memorial very

simple really.

Liberation was only a "High Water Mark" as after 1945 many

had to come to terms with what they had been through.

Our campaign fight is only just starting and I am expecting

to deliver a few Campaign Surprises over the next coming months.

I draw from the determination of members of my own family who

went through the Occupation.

As the campaign lead I will not be shying away from saying a few


The Support we receive is truly inspiring and the Petition is already

sending a strong message. I need to thank our 3.370 Petition Supporters.

I am ready for the Campaign fight as we go forward to

Campaign Victory - "Le Victoire"

Warmest Kev South.

Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign