76 Seconds of Silence

We’re asking the everyone to pause - mute your phone, close your laptop, switch off the telly – for just 76 Seconds just less than two minutes - & pay our respects to our Channel Islands Occupation Civilians on May 9th 2021 Liberation Day. Every Second marks a year of freedom.

Public Silence Statement from the Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign Lead. August 19th 2020

We asked the Jersey Bailiff if we could have a public Silence to mark the 80th Civilian Anniversary that started on June 28th 2020 with the Bombing of St Helier and St Peter Port. Logical Day to have public Silence.

The Bailiff replied via a letter and rejected this instead, pointing towards Liberation Day that falls annually on May 9th every year.

We decided to ask for a Two Minutes Silence for Liberation Day.

Campaign has had a reply from the Bailiff Chamber, that we will have to wait until January 2021 for the Liberation Day Events

Programme for next year to be announced.

The Programme tends to come out late and few weeks

before Liberation Day.

Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign has a Public Media Campaign pending for "Autumn this year", and as Campaign Lead I have decided that the Campaign for a Public Silence will also be part of our Autumn Newspaper Campaign.

The Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign will continue to Campaign for a public silence for  "Remembrance and to Commemorate" everything the Occupation Civilians had to endure during the Occupation and After and the loss of lives.

Warmest Kev South.

The Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign.

Below the previous reply for a Public Silence on June 28th 2020