Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign emblem has a Gold "V" at the centre that comes from the Occupation Period . The Victory "V" that was placed on Signs during the Occupation Period. Today it Represents the Goal to gain Campaign Victory.

The Jersey Flag has a gold line that Represents the timeline from 1940 ( start of Occupation Period ) to the Current day, and direct link through the Family that stated the Campaign back to 1940.

Gold line goes through the Centre of Jersey Flag.

The Colours of UK flag. Red - White - Blue as Campaign is also UK Campaign and Represents

that UK Liberated the Channel Islands in 1945.

At the top is a Golden laurel crown and a symbol of Victory and word "Victory" in French.

Each of the leaves of the Laurel Crown represents the Main Channel Islands Jersey - Guernsey

- Sark - Alderney. Below "V" put on Signs during the Occupation.