Campaign Lead Statement

November 20th 2019

I am very proud of the Support the Campaign has had from the public and the Campaign Petition Continues to grow.

Campaign has rebrand recently, and we continue build from Campaign Launch with ITV Channel Report in April 2018.

Important Campaign has donations from the public as majority funding has come

from the original Occupation family who started the Campaign.

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of Occupation and we need funds

to be a catalyst to get a New Representation for all those who stayed achieved.

Every Donation is important.

We have had a Meeting with Jersey Bailifs Chamber and continue to have dialogue

with other members of Jersey parliament, this will continue into 2020.

We don't have any difference with those that decided to leave, as many of those who did stay ( or had to ) being made up of those wanting to Leave. Unable

leave as number of ships unable to dock. ( Arrive )

I would like to thank everyone who supports the campaign.

We will Continue to take our Campaign forward.

Warmest Kev South.

Jersey Occupation Campaign National Lead.