Longest Walk in British Isles History!


You could describe the recognition of the British Isles  WW2 Occupation Civilians as

one of longest walks in British History.

Today the only real true record of the Occupation Civilians is the ID cards in the Jersey Archives.


In 1995 Jersey decision makers took possible the more easy decision to unveil

Liberation Square and the "Liberation Sculpture" that represents the joy of Liberation,

and establishment again of British Crown Dependencies after German Occupation.


The 23K Civilians across the Channel Islands deserve a formal recognition

for the horror they went through and those that needed to evacuate .

Liberation was a high water mark as many ( not all ) of the Occupation Generation

had a rough time coming to terms with what they had been through after Liberation.


2020 Marked 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Channel Islands

but June and September 2020 equally marks the 80th Anniversary for

the start of the ordeal for the Civilians.


Our campaign goal is to bring the Channel Islands and United Kingdom

together for the Occupation Civilians and deliver that missing "Civilian Memorial".

Please hold our hands and walk with us!