August Edition 2020


About the Campaign

We are a non-political, voluntary Campaign, dedicated to the Civilians of Channel Islands during the Second World War and the Occupation.


Coming up 80th Anniversary Civilian Occupation dates, another round Civilian anniversaries will

come and go. While the 75th anniversary of the deportation of Jews passed unmarked by local

Island governments . All focus is the end and not the beginning. Perhaps eight decades on,

time to get ready to look the past square in the face .

Something new has arrived on the horizon and that is the Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign

to challenge that the Occupation is not just about "Liberation Day."

You could say that in 1995 the decision makers took very easy option and not look the past

in the eye, but instead to unveil the Liberation Sculpture at Liberation Square Jersey. To go

for the easy option at the expense of the Occupation Civilians.

Possibly the island governments are hoping also that nobody will be pointing out this year

is the Big Civilian 80th Anniversary Dates.

Coming up is very important Anniversary of Jews being deported to Germany from the Channel Islands.

Campaign will be marking this important date.

Interesting on the Jersey Government official Lib75 Twitter, not any mention of the 80th Anniversary dates.

June 28th and 30th being the first.