August 8th Edition 2020 Special

Campaign Newsletter of the Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign

September 2020 Edition


This year marks the 80th Anniversary for the Occupation Civilians

of the Channel Islands. 1940 - 2020

September 27th marks an extremely important date for Jewish Community

and the Occupation Civilians.

Normally the Island Governments don't officially mark this event.

Important today to face the whole Occupation Period head on.


The Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign is

having to especially travel to Jersey " to beg the Bailiff of Jersey

for a public Silence on Liberation Day " as any " Public Silence "

on Anniversary date of June 30th ( 80th Anniversary) was dismissed

by the Bailiff and going forward.

Could this be unprecedented for a Occupation Family member to have

to do this? and travel to Jersey to seek to see the Jersey Bailiff.


It draws also attention that possibly Jersey needs a National Day

of its own, and has developed Liberation Day in recent years

as its own National Day.

The original day for the Occupation Civilians and to remember

them has become less clear in recent years.

Most nations have a independence day as the national Day

but Jersey is unique with being a Crown Dependency and

not a fully independent nation.


Liberation Day should equally truly be for the Civilians

who lived through the Occupation Period and the 

Liberation of Jersey.

Call for a public Silence by the Campaign lead could

begin to re-balance matters.  


About the Campaign

We are a non-political, voluntary Campaign, dedicated to the Civilians of Channel Islands during the Second World War and the Occupation.