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Joint Press Statement 


January 23rd 2023.  With Access to Joint Letter

'Following the publication of our request to change the configuration of annual HMD Jersey Holocaust Memorial Event, because of omissions in commemoration, as set out in our joint Letter and sent to HMD UK and HMD Jersey committee, we note the change on the HMD UK website with the new announcement of the inclusion of Forced Labour and Slave Labour in the scheduled Annual Holocaust Remembrance Event for January 27, 2023. 


We welcome these additions but note that no announcement has been made concerning specific Remembrance for both locally resident Jews deported from Jersey, as well as Jews brought to Jersey as slave labour, or passed through Jersey as a key transit point.  We also note that the current site of the HMD remembrance still needs to be recognised as a site of Jewish Memory, as described in our previous open public letter.'

Marcus Roberts.
(Director JTrails, the National Anglo-Jewish Heritage Trail, part of the Europe Route of
Jewish Heritage, a registered UK Charity)

Kev South.

Campaign Lead of Channel Islands WW2 Remembrance

Campaign , Universal Remembrance Campaign.

Campaign for Universal Remembrance.

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