Welcome & Thank You


Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in the Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign.

Campaign born from Occupation Generation with a direct link to my own family members who went through the Occupation.

Today the campaign family has grown to over 4.300+ and is still growing!

We need to ensure that all Occupation Civilians and Remembered those who Evacuated, those who stayed, those deported and those after Liberation of Jersey felt the need to Leave and those who carried emotional scars through the rest of their own lives .

With your Help we can reach an 10.000 Petition and to bring Campaign to the Attention of those who make the Decisions.

We also have been campaigning for a yearly for two minutes Silence.

Do take a moment to have a look at the Occupation Timeline.

Those that went through the Occupation faced starvation, isolation and far more.

I hope that you will take a moment and sign the National Petition for all those Civilians of

1940 onwards and Support our Campaign.

Warmest Kev South.

Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign Lead

The Campaign For the Occupation Generation of

British Channel Islands