Liberation Day Silence.

Re Request for a Public Silence for all Occupation Generation for Liberation

76 Day Rejected 


Dear Member - 


Member of States Assembly I have put forward to the Bailiff for a Request of a official

Silence be added to the Programme for Liberation Day in 2021 back in ( August 2020  )


I further sought reassurance then I would get a Response and have communication

from Steven Cartwright the Chief Officer and had it in writing I Would receive a Response 

from the Bailiff and chamber on " Publication of the Programme for Liberation 76."


As of this day 28th April 2021 I have not received any communication as promised. 


I originally put forward a public Silence to mark the poignant 80th Anniversary 

back in June 2020 ( start of Occupation and bombing of St Helier ) and Bailiff 

Rejects this date but Sights Liberation Day as possible day  


So I have followed this through and rightly asked for an official Silence to be part of the

Liberation Day Programme.

Note official Programme has been released about two weeks ago,


Over the weekend I texted Steven Cartwright directly to ask for a response and told

that been " Oversight  " and he has been overwhelmed with work and organising

the Virtual Liberation 76.


Today I receive Phone call from Steven Cartwright telling me something completely different 

that I can organise a Public Silence if I wish. ( this is now something completely

 New has been brought into the equation and not at all what I have asked for?

Also may get a communication sometime in future? he said.


My family, as did many thousands of Jersey own people went through the Occupation

and " suffered greatly and hardship and trauma after the Occupation and deaths."


Liberation Day is not just about a Day of parties -also equally about those who went through the Occupation and families like my own and a public Silence is totally fitting and allows the public to pay respect and to remember.


I would like to ask you to look into matter ask why we do not have a Public Silence in this years Programme and why I have not had any reply to my request near to 8 months ago +


I understand the Bailiff has a Consulting Committee made up of States Members and the request should have gone to you. ( For Liberation Silence for 2021 )  The Public Silence currently missing from the official Programme of events.  


I asked the Bailiff of Jersey if Public Silence can be part of the official Programme for Liberation 76


Kind Regards Kev South.

Campaign lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign

Below Campaign Lead with his Late Father.