Liberation Together 2021

Dear Politicians and Decision makers 


Liberation Together - Time to Come Together Again.


Today you may not get a communication like this one very often -

that is equal to Channel Island and UK decision makers together .


 The fast approaching Day of Liberation 76 in 2021 something

Special happened in 1945 and really we need in different ways for this to happen

in the current times.


Each of you Channel Islands and the United Kingdom have done your

own thing regarding  Occupation of Generation of Channel Islands 

and the Campaign rightly seeks " to bring you all together. "


Jersey rightly has marked the Liberation Date with a Sculpture

at Liberation Square and Guernsey has marked the Occupation

with the bombing of St Peter Port in 1940 and works of British 

Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill  .


Regardless of what " each party " has done - will say today we don't have a true

Civilian Memorial and possible visitor/ Education Centre that truly

Represents the Occupation Generation, today of WW2.


The Liberation Date is important and coming from a Jersey family 

that survived the Occupation I understand this 


We need to think about the Cenotaph at Whitehall and it's not

about a "date" but about all Soldiers that gave the Sacrifice for our 



After the End of Occupation many of the Occupation Generation

faced hardship and Trauma and  became " Silent "

Extremely common part of Trauma of Occupation to be Silent.

The Story and journey of the Occupation Generation did not stop at Liberation Day,


Every year since Liberation you all stand separately and this

Liberation Day will be not any Different .


You joined forces on 1945 Liberation Day and the Senior

officials of Channel Islands and UK need " today " to stand together for the

Occupation Generation and in turn trigger that you work

together and build a Memorial for the Occupation Generation.


We need to put aside Political Aspiration and any differences and put 

the Occupation Generation first.

I am lead of a Campaign of near to 5.000 Signature Petition 

and we are asking you to work together. Our Campaign is set to become even bigger.


For Channel Island Decision makers I have to point out that a petition

can not be on the Jersey Government site as it discriminates against

those Occupation Families that reside away from the island because of

 IP address.


The UK Decision makers like my own family - and all in 1945 and beyond

being very proud to be British and equally part of British Family..

Many decided after 1945 to settle in the UK, after Trauma of Occupation period.

Those remaining in the Channel Islands or residing in UK faced hardship and Trauma 


I need to pull down each parties Separation Today for Occupation Generation 

and spark the cooperation of Liberation Day 1945 and ask you to

work together for all families and Individuals like 

 Ivy Forster, Harold Le Druillenec, Louisa Gould & Albert Bedane and

thousands more.


We don't separate from those that needed to evacuate and those who stayed

They were impacted by the arrival of Foreign power.


What needs to be at centre of what we all do is all the Occupation

Generation of Jersey and Guernsey , Alderney and Sark, Today.


I ask Impassionately that you to work together.

Let's all walk together and hold hands, for those that faced the occupation period.


Kind Regards Kev South.

The Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign