Campaign to Expand to Other Islands

in September 2021

In September 2021 the Campaign will expand to the other Channel Islands of Guernsey , Alderney and Sark and a 2nd Coordinator will be appointed for this New Role.

Campaign does post via Social Media about the Occupation in the Other Islands

and we did cover "Alderney" Home Coming Day in 2020.

Campaign for the moment will keep current Campaign Name and largely Focused

on Jersey.

The New Coordinator will join Andrew Renouf as Coordinator for Jersey. Bringing

Campaign to two Channel Island Campaign Coordinators .

Will be not any Change to Kev South being the Campaign Lead.

Letter from Jersey Bailiff Regarding Liberation Silence May 2021 Request.

In August 2020 the Campaign requested a Public Silence to take place on May 9th 2021 and Received letter on Liberation Eve on May 8th 2021.

You find the Letter from Jersey Bailiff via the link Below  Regarding the Silence Request.

Campaign Sets Petition Goal 

We can Announce that our Campaign Petition Goal will be to reach "20.000 Petition" and the Campaign Petition is Currently just below 5.000.