Statement by the Campaign Lead regarding Public Silence Request for Liberation 76 to be included in the Events Programme 2021.

April 22nd 2021.

We have asked for a public silence to happen and mark the 80th Anniversary of Occupation of Channel Islands back in June 2020. These anniversaries are traditionally not marked officially by Jersey Government and request to Jersey Bailiff was rejected via an official letter from him.


The Bailiff of Jersey did sight or point towards Silence taking place on Liberation Day as a possible Day.


So we have followed this through and requested a Public Silence to take place on Liberation day 2021 on May 9th.


Instead of getting a decision letter and any reasoning from the Bailiff, we have been told to " wait for the Liberation Programme" to be published. 



Protocol dictates and the reality is that all the events surrounding Liberation Day Are the decision of the Bailiffs Consultative Panel

which consists of senior members of the States Assembly we are of understanding.


After many attempts to find out if Official Public Silence is going to take place regarding Public Silence taking place for Liberation 76 is that

we get " not any response from the Bailiffs Chamber and Steven Cartwright "

Note Guernsey Released the Liberation Programme in February 2021.

( Liberation76 )

From Kev South.

Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign