The Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign

Response From the Campaign Lead

Regarding the Letter from Jersey Bailiff Regarding Liberation Silence May 2021 Request

I am responding to the Bailiff of Jerseys Letter Received on Liberation Eve.

We need to think back to when all occupation Generation regardless of age or faith, or race 

faced the realisation of the Occupation starting together.

A public Silence universally gives the public a chance to remember all the Occupation Generation and equally remember the moment of the beginning.


A Public Silence is Equally right for a population of Civilians that faced Occupation

and hardship they endured and is a "Unique part of British History" breaks a tradition of Silence just being for a military person .


Today the public wants to show respect for the Occupation Generation as they because of ( age )

are becoming less among us today.


Also a Public Silence should not been seen with confines of just Jersey Perspective, as many throughout the world wish to remember all occupation Generation of Channel Islands. 


For many after Liberation did not mark the end - as like in my own family History tells me with huge

Trauma and Hardship for years to come and same in many of Occupation Families and of Loss.

A Public Silence brings a greater awareness .

Silence is for those that needed to leave ( before the Occupation ) and those who Stayed. Everyone.


Equally its not right that a single person made a decision not to have a Public Silence on Liberation Day and sent a message of wider lack of empathy. 


I thought Liberation Day was meant to be about the Occupation Generation but Liberation 76 

proved that it was not - with the refusal to have a Public Silence.

Public Silence is not just about Date like Liberation Day it transcends any Calendar Date

as its about " People " and all the Occupation Generation.


Next year we intend to put forward for another Public Silence to take place for Liberation 77

in 2022 .

Kev South