November Statement 


The Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign is not a political group and simply born from those who lived through the Occupation of Channel Islands during WW2.

We look at whole story of the Occupation Civilians from June 28th 1940 to

Liberation and beyond. Whole story of the people who went through the


Unlike some of the politicians and academics we don't cut off at Liberation Day on May 9th 1945 - as with having family that started this campaign and other Occupation Survival families join us we understand that those who went through the Occupation had to come to terms with what been " through after 1945 " and many " didn't. "

We follow the whole story of all the Occupation people of the Channel Islands from 1940 to today.

Within the group of people sent to Europe also being 2,000 UK born People and campaign is not just about the Channel Islanders born.

We don't wish to rewrite the story of the British Occupation Civilians and claim that everything came good on May 9th 1945.

The further expansion of campaign to include a silence for Liberation Day 2021 and beyond will help to bring some reflection about the Occupation Civilians and all went ( through ) and who we lost - and not just focus on nice parts of Occupation.

We know you have to face all parts of the Occupation head on.


Campaign Lead of Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign.

Warmest Kev South.