I need to draw everyone's attention that files regarding the war time

occupation of Channel Islands have not all been released.

Near 81 years forward in time and you may feel that's its not



However it's an important part of Channel Islands history and equally

relates to people and their own family histories etc.


The information regarding Jersey is classed as the "Sensitivity of the information held "and relates to communication from Jersey Heritage. 


In wider context all so important that correct information is in public domain and important that today that all files are released relating to the Occupation of Channel Islands.


Recently we had an EDM motion at Westminster Parliament asking for all information to be in the public domain held by UK.

Its Similar situation regarding retention of Files by Jersey.


Regardless of importance to all information about the Occupation of Channel islands and some parts may be hard to face . Retention of files simply delays the process for full and " final closure" . 

Absolutely right - that all files regarding War time period of WW2 are now finally Released into public domain.

Kev South. The Campaign Lead.