Rather a lot Missing at Liberation 75

I have watched the Official streaming video of Liberation 75 on You Tube, and the more I watch it, more I realise that rather a lot Missing ?

With being in Covid19 times the "Crowds" at Liberation Square are missing

and walk down from Royal Square to Liberation Square by the Officials

and politicians. The Celebration is missing of the Public.

We can understand all this part is missing because of Covid19.

Every year we have traditions that repeat and have evolved.

With the Official Broadcast, we see the the Bailiff come out on the balcony and do a speech, we see the town, Church and religious part and the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey.

We see the singing at the Tree of the future at the Marina by the Radisson hotel

and the annual raising of the flag at Pomme Dor Hotel.

I understand the importance of Liberation coming from an Occupation Family


The Bailiff does not stop for a "two minutes" Silence or start a public silence and not

any laying of Wreaths for those who evacuated or stayed on Liberation Day.

The Evacuees lay wreaths at the end of June every year . Not any wreath laying for those who stayed on Liberation Day or any other date?!

Great focus that May 9th is the day we remember the Occupation and Civilians.

Would it be not right to have Public Silence and Remembrance wreaths laid

together on May 9th for those who Evacuated and Stayed and those we sadly lost?

and for the Evacuated - also at the end of June date. ( Evacuated Wreaths are laid on this day )

Liberation day should be day to Remember?

Possibly something even bigger is missing and that is a Memorial to all those

Occupation Civilians?

Liberation Square was "controversial" when it was unveiled in 1995 not the site

to lay wreaths! and rightly a celebration of Liberation.

I was struck when you look at Official Liberation 75 Broadcast that little

Remembrance for the Occupation Civilians.

Recently someone said to me, we have Liberation Day and that's going to be it!

I know coming from a Occupation Family, that after Liberation many of the Occupation

Generation had major Emotional issues to deal and after 1945, little Support.

Many taking emotional issues of living under Occupation to own graves.

May 9th was not a cut off Date! Many of the Occupation Civilians had a difficult life after Liberation in 1945.

Official Liberation 75 Broadcast, showed how much is missing for all those Civilians

of the Occupation.

Kev South.

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