During WW2 German Occupying forces have issued an order that will see more than 2,300 British people forced to leave the Channel Islands and interned at camps in Nazi Germany.
Possibly the biggest Channel Islanders WW2 Anniversaries in a Decade.

Should 2,300 People be forgotten?
Bailiff of Jersey Chamber confirmed No official plans for anniversary?


“In Pursuance of a Higher Command, British subjects are to be evacuated and brought to Germany. You have to appear, therefore, on 16th September 1942 not later than 4 o’clock at the Garage, Weighbridge, St. Helier. You have to take with you all papers providing your identity. It is necessary to outfit yourself with warm clothes, strong boots and provisions for two days, meal dishes, drinking bowl, and, if possible, with a blanket. Your luggage must not be heavier than you can carry and must bear a label with your full address. It is further left to you to place ready, for each person, a trunk packed with clothes to be sent afterwards, labelled with full address. It is also left to you to take with you an amount of money not exceeding 10 Reichsmarks for each person. All valuables (jewels) must be deposited as far as possible with the banks. Keys of the houses are to be handed over to the Constables. Should you fail to obey the order, sentence by Court Martial shall be effected."


Jersey Bailiffs Chamber have confirmed NO plans to mark this very important Anniversary?? Large amount money is being spent on Liberation Day yearly .
Very little on Remembrance of the People who went through Occupation?