Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign Lead will especially

travel to Jersey to call upon the Jersey Bailiff for a "Public Silence on Liberation Day for all the Occupation

Civilians and his own family."


The Campaign Lead will travel especially to Jersey from the UK East Midlands to ask the Jersey Bailiff that a public Silence happens on Liberation Day ( May 9th )- going forward to remember and commemorate all those who lived during 1940 - 1945. WW2 Occupation.



Campaign Lead asked the Jersey Bailiff for a Public Silence on the 80th Civilian Anniversary on June 28th 2020.

Jersey Bailiff rejected this date (June 28th 2020) and pointed towards Liberation Day with a letter. Campaign Lead responded and then wrote to the Jersey Bailiff and his chamber asking for a silence on Liberation Day.

Bailiffs Chamber responded that not any decision has been made and everyone has got to wait for any decision until next year. ( 2021 )

From the Campaign Lead in his own words - Statement

This year marks the 80th Anniversary for the Occupation Civilians and June 28th would been a logical date to have a public Silence to remember all the Occupation Civilians who endured the most.

I have decided to travel especially to ask to see the Jersey Bailiff, and ask him directly for a new public Silence to be introduced next year.

All my entire family survived the Occupation and for all those Civilians who lived during 1940 - 1945 deserve to be remembered in a public way.

Taking into account Covid19 rules. I will especially be travelling from the English East Midlands to Jersey.

I intend to see if I can meet the Jersey Bailiff, and Jersey Politicians to raise this matter.

The main Campaign goal continues, and can be seen with our growing National Petition of


My family and the same for all the Occupation Civilians, had a terrible time through

the Occupation Period. Liberation did not mark the end for those who survived the

Occupation . Many had to come to terms with what they had been through long after

Liberation in May 1945. ( to the present times )

Also important to remember all those we sadly lost and those sent to camps in Europe.

Important in 2020 that we face the "Whole Occupation Period" head on, and not just focus just on nice parts like Liberation. Hoping for a positive outcome.

Warmest Kev South.

The National Campaign Lead for the Jersey Occupation Civilian Campaign