Statement Jersey Occupation Campaign 20/01/2020

Liberation 75 in 2020

Liberation 75 for 2020 looking like a big lost opportunity

for a permanent Representation or Memorial for all the Civilians

who went through the Occupation of Jersey WW2, and endured so much.


The plans and events for Liberation75 are now public, and a New

Representation would been amazing for Jersey and brought more

visitors to the island from far, and wide.

New Representation/ Memorial would been a lasting Legacy for the future and been a positive move for a year of Celebrations.


Liberation Square represents the “ Act of Liberation “ and ending

of the Occupation. Rather than the Civilians.


Any New Representation for the Civilians would have a education

Centre also.


Jersey Occupation Campaign is campaigning for a new Joint

Representation by UK and Jersey together.

( both parties being involved during WW2 )


Our National Petition will continue to grow through 2020

and we expect to pass the 5.000 Petition mark.